How Huddle House plans its menus

September 24, 2021 00:46:08
How Huddle House plans its menus
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How Huddle House plans its menus

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Holly Petre Sam Oches

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This week, the NRN staff discussed the biggest news of the week: CEO changes. Chick-fil-A and KFC both named new chief executives while the CEO of Dave & Buster’s retired with no replacement named. The team chats about what the future of these companies could hold with someone new at the helm. 

Also, the team discussed the 2021 Hot Concepts which were announced earlier this week. The class of hot Concepts includes Agave & Rye, Slutty Vegan, Dave’s Hot Chicken, Everytable and Zalat Pizza. The team talks about what it means that this class isn’t traditional by any means and what the future of the restaurant industry holds.

Plus, Bret Thorn spoke with the director of menu development for Huddle House, Kirk Biondi. The two covered how to name menu items, what ingredients mean and some of the recent innovations that have come out of Huddle House.

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