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This podcast will share ideas from restaurant innovators on leadership, food trends, technology and how to thrive in this tough industry that we can’t get enough of.

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  1. How Frances Allen tossed aside her CEO playbook when coronavirus upended the restaurant business

    After starting as CEO of Checkers & Rally’s Restaurants in mid-February, Frances Allen quickly began implementing her “first 100 days” plan for the Tampa, Fla.-based quick-service chain. The former leader of Boston Market was in a “listen and learn” mode, getting to know the brand by working at restaurants cooking ...


  2. Kitchen United’s Jim Collins on the 3 keys to success right now during the coronavirus pandemic

    Kitchen United, the ghost kitchen operator, started with the objective of meeting the changing needs of restaurants and their diners. Of course, they could not have predicted how fast these needs would change. The coronavirus pandemic has sped up consumers’ move to off-premise, but the company, and it’s CEO Jim ...


  3. Which restaurant delivery rules apply in the time of coronavirus?

    Coronavirus has forced many restaurants to move to off-premise. States are changing regulations for restaurants, making them close dine-in operations and pivot to delivery, takeout or drive-thru. This has prompted third-party delivery companies like GrubHub, Postmates, Seamless, DoorDash and UberEats to taking remove delivery fees for consumers, but what does ...


  4. Restaurant operators reacting to COVID-19 with new policies while financials become rocky

    Coronavirus, or COVID-19, dominated the news cycle this week and its impact on restaurants and foodservice operators is beginning to show. Because of that, Nation’s Restaurant News is dedicating this week’s episode of Extra Serving to the global issue. Independent restaurants are closing for weeks, large chains are facing the reality ...


  5. Introducing In the Kitchen with Bret Thorn, our latest culinary podcast: Part 2

    From the writers and editors at Nation's Restaurant News, Restaurant Hospitality and Extra Serving comes a new podcast starring senior food and beverage editor Bret Thorn. In this podcast, he will have conversations with restaurant chefs and beverage innovators about leadership, trends and the culinary industry. The first podcast is a ...